Santa is going green.


In fact he has been running a top secret pilot project for the last five years (we were lucky enough to be a part of it) and is now ready to launch the program worldwide.

Here is what you can expect starting Christmas 2014:

  1. Santa’s pilot recycling project has gotten the full green light for this Christmas season. Santa will make 2 stops at each home instead of one. On Christmas eve he will not only drop off special inspiring eco-gifts, but he will also be picking-up any items you wish to donate to other families. Santa will return again on his way home at the end of the 12 days of Christmas on the eve of January 6th to pick up anything left under the tree to re-use in his toy shop for next year. That way you can really benefit your simplification efforts as you contemplate and welcome in the new year. His elves have been training (directly with select Etsy shop owners) in using recycled materials in their workshop.
  2. As a special initiative (and new pilot project for Christmas 2014), Santa will also spend time in a limited number of homes this year gathering old, forgotten and unused items and packaging them together into craft kits. Each kit will contain basic instructions and most materials (he will try to include everything as often as possible) so that your family can enjoy the time between Christmas and New Years being creative.

*Special Note: The January 5th pick-up will happen this year so go ahead and get decluttering and creating a sanctuary in your space. Just put your giveaway under the tree, on the front porch or in a corner somewhere (Santa is a very magical creature and we promise he will find your pile).

Santa is continuing to adjust his Christmas protocol and has asked us (what an honor) to be his point person for incoming comments, suggestions and ideas. In order to send you ideas to Santa please respond in the comments below or feel free to email us. We’d love to hear from you.