Day 2 :: fair share, self care and needs

All human beings have needs and they are pretty much the same for everyone. The truth is that the vast majority of the world's population, rich and poor, is not getting their needs met. The poor are most often the focus of "Fair Share" conversations in permaculture circles and beyond. It is certainly true that physical well-being needs are less often met in poorer communities. But often other needs, like the need for connection or the need for autonomy, are more commonly met among the poor and working poor. For [...]


Day 1 :: Permaculture Ethics

One of the first things to know about Permaculture that makes it different from other paradigms of ecological and social reform is that it is rooted in 3 basic ethics. These 3 ethics form the foundation of what makes permaculture so unique. For example organic agriculture simply requires that one not use synthetic pesticides. Of course this requirement stems from a fundamental ethic - that natural systems are safer and superior to synthetic ones, but it does nothing to limit crop size, mono-cropping or overuse of natural pesticides. Much of [...]


Animus Mundi :: new moon invitation

Animus Mundi - the world soul is the concept where European philosophy echoes, meets and traces back to it's own, and all, indigenous roots. The concept goes back in the western tradition at least as far back as Plato. Carl Jung, whose work has been pretty much exiled from the intellectual institutions of our times, found it, dusted it off the forgotten term and revived it in his analytical psychology. For Jung, the world soul is the real spirit of the earth that has independent existence from human reality. It [...]


Makings of a Manifesto :: 5 Books that still inspire me

I came to traditional foods and urban farming first through my slow-food Food Cart, Fold Crêperie way back in 2003-6. I was one of the first food-carts to use organic farm-based ingredients and Slow food principles in my cooking or to appear in a gourmet food magazine. When I was interviewed (without my knowing it of course) by Nancy Rommelmann of Bon Appetite magazine in 2005, I told her that what she saw wasn't actually a business, or even a restaurant, but a large scale sculptural piece, an art installation. It [...]


Pen-Barfing :: how to write when you’re completely paralyzed

When I first started working with a writing intern I realized very quickly that the pressure of writing for me was going to seriously compromise my intern's work. I told her that all she had to do was listen to me for 10 minutes and then barf out what she kinda thought she heard onto the page. It didn't have to be good or right. It just had to get onto paper. In 30 minutes she listened, Googled a tiny bit and drafted the Market Agreement that I still use [...]


Daily Question :: the practice of humility in the age of “attraction”

When I was about 23 I started a regular practice. Let's call it the Daily Question. It did it every day in the shower. Now that I know about Permaculture and don't shower every single day I do it first thing when I wake up ~ before anything else. It is really quite simple. Ask yourself, what is my question for the day? What is my sincere heart's desire? Another way of getting to it is to ask yourself:  What am I confused about? Then hold this question close to [...]


And the Skies Parted :: confessions of a ceremonial smoker

Morning Poem This morning smoke curves up the hillside trees. And last night drifts across our faces like a poem. “Like smoke we take advantage of the wind,” you said. ~ Ron Talney I have some things to say about smoking. It's been building up for awhile. While I do agree that pack a day smoking of chemically laden cigarettes is harmful to your health, I also have a beef with the current notion that intermittent or hidden smoking is something to be ashamed of in all cases. You see [...]


Please, No Tinted Windows :: the aesthetics of privilege

*note: This post had a very dynamic discussion thread over on Facebook where it was first published. I was just explaining to my husband why I don’t want a black car (we are looking for a used car right now as poor jeep-y is on her last legs) and especially not one with tinted windows. He keeps finding perfectly good vehicles and I keep veto-ing them. We finally sat down and he asked me, “what is it about a black car that is so aesthetically reprehensible to you.” I thought [...]


The Moon was Full Last Night :: why I work with trauma

I have been thinking a lot about my calling in life, my work in the world and how it has evolved over my 44 years. I have been asking myself, Why do I work with trauma? Why have I spent so many hours and years wondering and working to understand what happens in trauma. The truth is I did it for myself. When I was 14 I sank into a deep depression. I stayed in bed for days. I had no idea why, I just felt horrible. It came back [...]


Krista’s Dream Rates :: prologue to reclaiming the gift economy

I have a Dream. I wrote the first draft of this post about 5 years ago when I started my very first real business (where I was actually trying to make money rather than simply create a cultural millieu, or large scale art installation). I grew up pretty poor - at least by American standards. Before the age of 12, I had bought new clothes a total of twice in my life, though there was always abundance at the Goodwill. My mother had me when she was 21 without the [...]

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