About Krista

Over the years I have been many things from poet to academic, chef to inventor, mother to healer. In this space, I am a mentor-facilitator for individual, community, and cultural repair. I work with grassroots individual and organizational projects of decolonization and liberation. I work with people one-on-one and in groups in the realms of trauma resolution, ancestral healing and lineage repair, sacred and healing foods, ceremony and earth medicine.

I am not your regular therapist/nutritionist/healer/consultant/officiant/life-coach. I combine deep transformational work with holistic nutritional support and practical real world skills to give you an edge in offering yourself fully to your relationships, your work in the world, and your community involvement. I work with people one-on-one as well in groups either face to face or virtually.

I work closely with my small family – mama, papa and two little ones – well not so little anymore! Since 2005, we have tended goats, ducks (including the famous Hettie Quackers), chickens, bees and an expanding fruit, flower, herb and vegetable garden based on permaculture principles. In 2015, we began our focus on honey bee-keeping and creating a bee sanctuary of our small urban farm. We also welcomed two Russian Blues, Piper and Momo, and a little Chihuahua named Papalotl to our family in 2016.

What People are Saying:

I fell love with this house, it’s people, and the energy flowing through it. Krista and Co. are extremely welcoming and involved in the creation of a sustainable and eco-”friendly” community. Bring your rain boots and an open mind.   ~ Madeleine Perlman, New York/Spain

Krista and David were awesome hosts! They have an amazing urban farmhouse happening in the super sweet city of Portland! Not the usual bed and breakfast – better.   ~ Katie, Australia

It’s not the practical aspects that make this house so appealing, its the warm, loving interaction of the the family, the kindness and consideration they show each other and their guests. And they have goats, ducks, chickens and bees, how fun is that?   ~ Jenny, California

I dare you to come away from your experience at Tierra Soul without being inspired to re-evaluate your own approach to life, food and family!   ~ Jennifer & Rich Beauman, Florida

Let’s work together:

I love helping people discover the healer within and supporting that healer to lead the way through and forward. My philosophy is holistic and this allows me to traverse many common pitfalls in therapeutic and coaching practice. This means I am able to work with stubborn emotional issues with a lot of success. I am also able to work with difficult nutritional issues using psycho-emotional tools. I love helping people step more and more into who they are. I work with people in these general areas:

Holistic Nutrition & Permaculture:

Cooking and consuming traditional sacred and healing foods to support healthy weight, robust fertility, emotional resilience, and physical vitality. Sustainable sustainability with a focus of restoring the Indigenous roots of Permaculture and incorporating ceremonial culture into the program.

Individual and Community Healing & Ceremony:

Deep ancestral excavation and re-membering of ceremonies that create and sustain us: coming-of-age, union, pregnancy, birth, rebozo closing the bones, naming, bathing, moon-pause, and eldership are a few examples.

Depth Psychology & Life Coaching:

Digging deep within a safe and compassionate container to support harmonious marriage/partnership, professional partnership/organizational conflict resolution, ethical leadership, spiritual direction, trauma healing, dream-craft, lineage repair, decoloniality & community liberation.

Financial Freedom:

Ethical and heart centered business marketing and development to support finding your strengths, purpose and calling, overcoming obstacles, getting started, and the practical business fundamentals to bring yourself to market in an authentic and soulful way.

My Education and Training:

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Systemic Constellation facilitator, Theater of the Oppressed facilitator, philosophical counselor, community and archetypal psychology practitioner, nutritional therapist, restorative justice enthusiast, birth keeper and death midwife.

I have an MA in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and an MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a concentration in Community, Liberation, and Eco-Psychologies.

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Interdisciplinary Indigenous Studies at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan where I work at the intersection of applied medical anthropology, Mexican American and Indigenous philosophy, Indigenous psychologies and creative-poetic praxis.

I combine skills and education to offer you:

  • A virtual Farm-School with multiple courses to help you dig into eco/psyche connection and belonging.
  • Myth Mending sessions for individual and group transformation.
  • Nutritional Therapy and detoxification consulting for vitality, fertility, healthy weight, and mental & emotional well-being.
  • I also have some upcoming offers for: reflexology/rebozo work, ceremony support, creation & curation, community/organizational programs & consulting and healing group retreats.

Media Highlights:

I have been published and written about in diverse places from the New York and Seattle Times to Neighborhood Notes and Oregon Humanities Journal. Here are some highlights:

  • Revista Paula, Santiago, Chile, 2014, Portland, la ciudad foodie. Read More
  • Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimern, 2013. Watch a clip of the show HERE. We are featured 3.4 minutes into this video clip.
  • Backyard Roots by Lori Eanes, 2013: One of 15 Urban Farms featured in this down to earth, inspiring, edition. Chock full of beautiful photographs. See More.
  • Gnowfglins Traditional Cooking School, 2013, Gnowfglins Farm Tour. I don’t know how you make every day things look so beautiful! Your farm and guest house are breathtaking (oh, did I use that word again?) Read More…
  • Nourishing Our Children, 2012, Is Your Raw Milk is Safe?Read More
  • Triple Pundit, People, Planet, Profit, 2011, Goats Become Latest Battle Over Urban Animal Raising. Read More
  • New York Times, 2010, Fresh Goat Milk.  Read More
  • Neighborhood Notes, 2010, Seasoned Veterans, Portlands Urban Farming Gurus. Read More
  • The Oregonian, 2008, Keeping Goats SafeRead More
  • Oregon Humanities, 2005, Cereal, Crêpes, and CitizenshipRead More


  • Travel Portland, 2016
  • bedandbreakfast.com, 2016
  • The Guardian, 2016
  • DIY Homesteader’s Festival, 2015
  • Farm Hub, 2014
  • Squat Birth Journal, 2010
  • Lillipoh, 2010
  • Rhythm of the Home, 2009
  • Bon Appetit Magazine, 2006
  • Country Home, 2006
  • Seattle Times, 2006
  • Portland Monthly, 2006
  • Washington Post, 2005
  • The Oregonian – Cereal Box Review, 2004
  • Willamette Week, multiple
  • Portland Mercury, multiple

See a complete media list over on my other site.



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