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Food is medicine:

Find out what foods you can use to replace to top 10 supplements I recommend to my Nutritional Therapy clients. Even if you’re not currently taking supplements this E-book will help you determine what foods might be helpful for your healing.

What’s included:

First I briefly outline how I came to write this E-Book to help my Nutritional Therapy Clients so you can feel motivated to use it for yourself.

Then I will reveal to you the 3 supplements that are almost universally needed by the people I work with and the healing foods that you can use to replace them. I will then overview a slew of secondary supplements and corresponding medicinal foods. I will also give you tips on things to try if you have hit a plateau or aren’t responding to a healing traditional foods diet.

Finally I give you a list of next steps for going deeper and realizing your full vitality!

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. ~ Hippocrates

Tierra Soul E-Zine

You will also get the Tierra Soul E-Zine, an occasional offering of recipes, remedies, interviews, sales and specials… and other cool stuff.

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