Summer Solstice is coming!

And you are officially invited to come over and hang out on my front porch with me while we take a look at the good life and what it means to live it.

If you are anything like me. . . .

you can sometimes work so hard at creating/giving/serving that you forget why you are doing it in the first place. Or maybe you are able to fend off the overwhelm of workaholism (in the name of Earth Care or Health) but find yourself strapped and broke and stressed about money.

Solstice is the time when the light expands to its fullest. As we approach the threshold where the light then begins to contract after months of expansion, there is a very special opportunity to harness the power and momentum of growth and transformation so characteristic of the season.

So I have created a month long program with two weekly lessons and exercises to help you manifest your very own version of the good life right on your very own front porch (or equivalent).

It’s an inspiring journey and I hope you’ll join me!

Here is a sneak peak:

FPR week 1 lesson 1 FPR week 1 lesson 2
FPR week2 lesson 1 FPR week2 lesson2.001
FPR week 3 lesson 1 FPR week 3 lesson 2
FPR week 4 lesson 1 Filling the Void

Wanna Join Us?

The Celebration starts November 24th for those in the southern hemisphere and May 24th for those in the northern hemisphere.

Pay What you Want:

This program has sold in the past for between $29 and $79 – just to give you an idea! In the end though, pay what you want / make a donation.

And spread the word!


Thanks and hope to see you on the other side as we move toward brightest light together…

Registration closes Friday November 24rd at midnight

Not sure it’s right for you and want to chat a bit?

Send me an email with your number and I’ll give you a call.

p.s. No actual Front Porch Required to Join!!!

Here is what others are saying:

Robin Rice:

My favorite thing about the FPR was that it allowed me to feel peace and calm. It was a great reminder that life is so much more than your job or career. It reminded me to slow down and appreciate everything. I have read about Krista and Tierra Soul and was sure that anything coming from her would be peaceful and inspiring. And it was. I remind myself constantly that life is everything around me, not just the things that society deems important, that I need to be me (from my clothes to my personal methodology.) and that slowing down to “do nothing” is perfectly fine and I try to do it at least 15-30 minutes a day now.

The Front Porch Revolution is inspiring, helpful, and motivating.

John Saltveit:

My favorite thing about the Front Porch Revolution was Comparing my experiences with others on the podcasts. I seemed to have a lot in common with the idea before I started the course, but I am a man, so I was a little nervous about the Lazy Lady Living part. Now that I have done the course I am no longer nervous. The course was emotionally confirming and had a different way of explaining ideas. I am local and am happy to know Tierra Soul is a cool place to refer friends to when they’re visiting Portland. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting a new perspective.