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Do you dream of embodying ancestral culinary wisdom for feeding your growing family nutrient dense, traditional, sacred and healing foods?

You want to find your own culinary rhythm that resonates with ancestral culinary wisdom. You are committed to nourishing your growing family and want to get clear about what traditional, nutrient dense, sacred and healing foods are and how to prepare them properly. You want to know the history and lore behind food and see it as a central part of your connection to yourself, to others, and to the earth. You have an inkling that the act of eating itself is ceremonial and want to embody that knowing more. You want the very best for your family.

But right now you feel stuck.

The thought of changing your family’s eating habits seems like a major intimidating hassle. I mean, how do you even know if a particular new fangled program will actually help you and your family. There is soooo much information out there its hard to know what’s true unless you’re a scientist. No matter how hard you try you are still feeling lousy!

OR maybe you feel great but it is soooo darn expensive to keep everyone on all those special supplements, remedies, and treatments, or maybe you just can’t find a good rhythm with your busy life, or perhaps you are wanting to increase your fertility, or maybe your child (or aging mother) has chronic illness of some sort and you want to get to the root, or maybe you just have an intuition that something isn’t quite right and you want more radiant living. Whatever it is, you’ll find a simple safe and advice-free space to explore traditional healing foods for you and your family.

I know how it feels:

I discovered Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions 6 years ago when my first daughter was six months old. I was walking home from the park and had an epiphany, Oh Goodness, I am responsible for this life. Right there and then I made a vow to spend some time figuring out what I really truly thought was the best diet for my child. Well, I got to work right away, but my search didn’t last long. The first book I read was Nourishing Traditions, and I immediately and with complete certainty knew it was right. And I wanted all the other earth mamas to know about it too!

That is why I created Folklore Foods.

Yes, I am a bit of a Traditional Foods zealot, but it’s also been over 6 years and I’ve mellowed into a healthy 80/20 mama (that’s: by the book 80% of the time and free-for-all, with a few no-no-never exceptions,  the remaining 20% of the time). That very day I began my own bootcamp starting with Chapter 1 of the Good Book (Nourishing Traditions) and taught myself the Traditional Foods basics from cultured milk and kefir to liver paté and fermented veggies, from A to Z I learned it…. and along the way, since I am a housewife these days (not the Food Cart Chef of my past life), I also worked hard to simplify as many processes as I could.

I also spent considerable time learning about Farming and Permaculture and connecting Sally Fallon’s recipes to Stories and Myths from around the world, to local and global folklore.

What you will get in Folklore Foods:

  • 6 one hour DIY healthy cooking classes coupled with nutritional science and food folklore kitchen rhythms.
  • Notes and recipes for what we make in class.
  • Invitation to a special Facebook group for Folklore Foodies.

You will also get these bonuses:

The DIY Supplement Oracle and The Top 10 Supplement Eliminator

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What you will come away with:

  • All the basics required to make the shift away from processed food toward the rewarding rhythms of nutrient-dense, bio-available and deeply nourishing food.
  • An overview of the Nutritional Science behind why these foods are so perennially good.
  • A start to finding your own nourishing culinary rhythm that will feed, not drain, you.
  • The basic hands-on knowledge of Sacred Food preparation.
  • Stories and Rituals to add depth and meaning to your daily and seasonal routine.
  • A Nutritional Supplement protocol that is just right for you.
  • The ability to replace your supplements with food as you are ready.
  • A Seasonal Rhythm for regular cleansing and healthy detoxification.

What to expect:

  1. Class 1, Raw & Cultured Milk: Pros and Cons of Raw milk, keeping it safe, Lazy Lady Yogurt, Kefir, creme fraische, cream cheese, whey and more. we will also cover the Nutritional Pioneers and traditional foods basics.
  2. Class 2, Cultured Vegetables: Science of Kitchen Kulturing, Sauerkraut, Spicy Carrots, ginger carrots, lacto-fermented pickles. This week we will focus on Digestion and how you can improve it and heal your gut while enjoying all food groups.
  3. Class 3, Fermented Grains: Lower gluten content of your grains to protect your family from gluten intolerance, increase bio-availability of nutrients in grain, discover the incredible balm of grinding and loving your grains! Yogurt Dough, Injera, pancakes and non-horrible-for-your-body granola. In this class we will also consider Blood Sugar Balance as well as a bonus consideration of Metabolic Healing.
  4. Class4, Traditional Fats: Learn the value of traditional fats and why they were considered sacred in traditional cultures. Learn which ones to use for what kinds of tasks. Butter, Cream, Tallow and Lard here we come. In this class we will talk more about
  5. Class 5, Bone Stock: Every healthy culture used either dairy products OR bone stocks for adequate mineral intake. Learn how to make fish, chicken and beef bone stock and get ideas of how to incorporate stock into your culinary rhythm. Also: The Why, but more importantly, the “HOW” to get those organ meats to have a not-discusting taste! Paté, meatballs, raw liver smoothies and more. In this class we will also cover Mineral Balance and how it affects your well-being.
  6. Class 6, Traditional Sodas: Refreshing, vitamin / mineral rich, and highly bio-available, lacto-fermented sodas are fun to make. And your family will love them more than juice or cola!!! In this class we will also look at Hydration and how traditional sodas can make a difference.

Here is a little teaser, watch me make lacto-fermented italian sodas:

You can do it!

It doesn’t matter how sick you feel, or how bad of a rut you’ve gotten into. It doesn’t even matter if you’re too busy to contemplate spending more time in the kitchen. I have spent much of my time in creating this program planning for YOU, busy mama! We will start with the basics – simplified, and move through all the most important sections of the book. I have pre-digested all the information, practiced with, and on, myself, and my family, and perfected a way for you to have the success and joy I’ve had bringing sacred foods into your everyday life. I promise.

Who Folklore Foods is for:

  • Mamas and Papas who want to feed themselves and their family the very best!
  • Expectant parents wanting to build fertility and a healthy pregnancy.
  • Anyone wanting to learn the art and science of Traditional Foods.

What Folklore Foods is not for:

  • People wanting a hardcore guilt-ridden self-deprivation diet: Traditional people enjoyed their food and its place in community and connection to the earth. Let’s do that too!!!
  • People looking for an overnight solution:  Like all real transformation, changing your foodways takes time. What I can promise is that as you implement a new relationship to food you can gain a wonderful rhythm that nourishes you and your family rather than a food plan that takes a lot of time and money and drains you!
  • People who can’t make a basic time commitment: You will need AT LEAST one hour a day devoted to the kitchen. If this is too much, then this might not be the right time or place for you.

Get Started!

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Read what one mama said about Folklore Foods:

I was able to piece together previously random nutrition ideas into one comprehensive understanding of how nutrition and our bodies work together. I feel like nutrition makes sense to me now. Before I took the class I thought it was just for hippies. I discovered that it is for everyone, and it goes way beyond science, the USDA, America, vegetarianism, special diets and all the messed up things we generally look to for answers, to things that used to be general knowledge to previous generations. It is helping my kids grow strong and healthy, helping me not be afraid of healthy meat and fats and helping me feel better so that i can be a better mom. I recommend the class to friends and colleagues many times over because I want them to feel better too. I also recommend this class to people thinking about having kids, to have a healthier next generation. Krista is a great teacher whose genuine enthusiasm helps bring nutrition to life.

Susan Rideout, Mother of 2

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. ~ Hippocrates