DIY Supplement Oracle

Would you love to have a simple and affordable way to fine tune your supplement intake?

You are willing to spend money on supplements, but you want to make sure they’re the right ones. You’d also love to have access to high quality supplements recommended by us. Yes, you are savvy about your health and you want something of high quality that is also quick and easy.

Right now you sure your wasting money on too many, or the wrong, supplements.

You recognize the helpfulness of supplements, but your sick of spending money on ones that either don’t work or you don’t really need. You want access to the best quality supplements without having to pay an arm and a leg every time you need something new or want to do some fine tuning.

You have tried cutting down, or quitting.

But you can tell the difference. You know at least one of those supplements is helping you. You’ve tried doing research to pinpoint just the right supplements, but it’s so hard to sift through all the conflicting information and juggle the zillions of nutrients that you might need.

I know how you feel.

I used to spend a ton of money on supplements. I knew I was shooting in the dark, but I really really wanted to feel better. I have quit taking supplements many times and eventually I turned back to them because they do help. I just wished I could figure out which ones I really really needed to feel better.

I do have a practitioner who I visit once a year or when something acute arises, but in the meantime, I started using a simple yet powerful tool I discovered in my Nutritional Therapy training. It’s quick and easy use and I can map my own progress over time. It also assists me in getting and staying at least in-the-ball-park of the right supplements.

That is why I created the DIY Supplement Oracle.

Although I use this tool as part of my full Nutritional Therapy consultations, I want to offer you the same DIY option I use for times when you aren’t needing a comprehensive assessment, but want to check in. Many of my clients do an annual Nutritional Therapy consultation and follow up with seasonal dips into the oracle.

Here is what you will get:

  • An invitation to take the online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire for the Oracle.
  • Personalized supplement recommendations.
  • Easy access to top quality professional supplements that I think are great.
  • BONUS :: The Top Ten Supplement Eliminator E-Book

The Top Ten Supplement Eliminator:

Find out what foods you can use to replace to top 10 supplements I recommend to my Nutritional Therapy clients. Even if you’re not currently taking supplements this E-book will help you determine what foods might be helpful for your healing. Keep it around the kitchen and turn to it for quick inspiration.

What’s included:

First I briefly outline how I came to write this E-Book to help my Nutritional Therapy Clients so you can feel motivated to use it for yourself.

Then I reveal to you the 3 supplements that are almost universally needed by the people I work with and the healing foods that you can use to replace them.

Next I overview a slew of secondary supplements and corresponding medicinal foods. I will also give you tips on things to try if you have hit a plateau or aren’t responding to a healing traditional foods diet.

Finally I give you a list of next steps for going deeper and realizing your full vitality!

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. ~ Hippocrates

How it works:

It’s simple. Take the amazing 300 question Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and receive personalized supplement recommendations. Follow our simple ordering instructions and get all the supplements, or get just one, or maybe even none, and use our Top Ten Supplement Eliminator to complement or replace one, or all, of the recommended supplements.

You should know that all orders are batch processed once/week.

It really is that simple.

Whether you’re new here and just want to try something, or you want to fine tune after some time has passed since your last Nutritional Therapy session, the DIY Supplement Oracle is a great way to get started, maintain, or check in on your path toward vibrant health!

Who the DIY Supplement Oracle is for:

  • Anyone looking for a simple affordable way to find the right supplements without an in-depth consultation.
  • People wanting targeted nutritional support to reach a healthy weight.
  • People who want access to professional grade supplements to assure safety and quality.
  • People with allergies who want to nutritional immune support.

Who the DIY Supplement Oracle is NOT for:

Get Started:

Pay What You Want

In the past the DIY Supplement Oracle  has sold for between $49 and $179. This is just a guide for you to know where to start. This is not a 100% virtual product – it will take me time to generate your report. That said, there is additional cost to you for ordering supplements and I know that can add up – I want as many people as possible to get the nutritional support they need to achieve and maintain well-being.

The DIY Supplement Oracle is a powerful tool.

Take a moment, check in with your heart, ask what feels right and pay that amount. No questions asked. Get the support you need!

Pay What You Want: