Why would you want to do Myth Mending anyway???

Stuff Myth Mending can help you with:

  • Moving though relationship conflict
  • Work and career development, change or evolution
  • Personal feeling of well-being
  • Personal and professional commitment preparation (marriage/career)
  • Understanding your purpose and calling in the world
  • Creating and maintaining family rhythm and harmony
  • Finding and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Overcoming depression, anxiety and/or addiction
  •  Following a dream that seems difficult or impossible

Here are a couple examples (that I have permission to share):

A mother is pulling her hair out daily trying to manage 2 young children and run a small business. There is tons of advice out there about how to manage time and children well so that one can be most productive. What is less available is a process that supports an inside out approach. One mother I worked with ended up realizing, through her dreams and somatic wisdom that the image of fluffy bunnies was soothing to her and she could draw upon it when she felt harried. This was the image that began a cascade of other insights and epiphanies for organizing her life in a unique way that was unrepeatable and just right for her.

A traditional midwife is considering becoming a licensed midwife and needs support to navigate her decision. Myth Mending, and I, can’t know what is right for someone else, but we can help uncover hidden stories and messages that want to be heard in the process. One midwife in particular, who I worked with, did end up becoming nationally certified, but stayed unlicensed. Along the way, she grappled with the archetypal conflict within her between authority and apprentice and made peace with each side. As she did this somatically and in her dream/imaginal worlds, she was liberated to listen to what wanted to emerge rather than feeling stuck in resisting what was considered the right or wrong choice.

A woman is approaching her second birth after a traumatic first one. Over the course of our work together she was able to identify many medicinal images and curative stories that she was able to draw upon when she started worrying. They were even helpful during the intensity of birthing her baby. On top of it all, she reported that, the process of delving in and finding images that were helpful, assisted her in being able to do the same thing during birth. She remembered how to see/feel the smallest start of a helpful gesture or movement, and amplify it, rather than pull tricks out of a bag using her rational mind. Childbirth isn’t a rational process so this kind of preparation was invaluable for her.

The truth isMyth Mending can help with most anything

Myth Mending can often approach stubborn problems from unusual and refreshing angles. For example in the case of addiction, the focus isn’t necessarily on quitting the addiction. Unique and useful methods for quitting may arise during our work together, but my experience is that these are of a different sort in that they arise from the healer within and therefore are individually appropriate in a way that quit smoking / diet / sobriety / etc plans aren’t. Also these just don’t arise until after other kinds of things that are supportive and nourishing. That way, you are ready for them and you are relying on a firm foundation rather than another unsustainable burst of will power.

All this said, Myth Mending isn’t a miracle and while it is very efficient, it doesn’t solve all your problems overnight. I have done tons of work on myself and I still find sessions incredibly useful. The particular modalities I rely on in Myth Mending are profound and they work. They keep working, but not over and over on the same thing. You get to go deeper and deeper into yourself and move out more and more into your calling in the world. You build. You grow. You become.

Yes… you become. I become. We become together… with, and into, the world.