When I was about 23 I started a regular practice. Let’s call it the Daily Question. It did it every day in the shower. Now that I know about Permaculture and don’t shower every single day I do it first thing when I wake up ~ before anything else.

It is really quite simple.

Ask yourself, what is my question for the day? What is my sincere heart’s desire?

Another way of getting to it is to ask yourself:  What am I confused about?

Then hold this question close to you as you walk through your day. You do not need to tell it to anyone or think about it directly or in any way at all. All you do is keep it close and know it is working on you.

Sometimes you will have the same question far days in a row, possibly even years. Or sometimes a particular question will resurface over and over again over your lifetime.

Now, please don’t confuse this exercise with popular techniques of manifestation using the “Law of Attraction” or other means. This is perhaps the exact opposite of that kind of work. In your daily question you are seeking knowledge, deep inner knowledge of things that beacon you from the horizon of your own growth and becoming.

This conversation reminds me of a quote I once read, though I cannot remember the author’s name (please let me know if it was you so I can properly acknowledge and honor you!):

All universal truths sound stupid because theyre not supposed to be heard with your ears ~Frank via Havi

This is what’s wrong with the New Age and its use of the Law of Attraction. Some things must be spoken in half meanings, in poetic nuances. They may only be suggested and whiffed from a thousand leagues. They must be told in stories, uncovered in authentic inquiries, not the seeking of solutions or the manifestation of physical realities.

This is ancestral knowing. This is instinctual indigenous soul.

This is your Soft Animal Self.

I won’t ask you to share your questions unless you want to, but I would love to hear your comments on how this works for you and your thoughts on the “Law of Attraction” and how to reclaim the ancient truths it contains without making them sound stupid.