How do I talk to my children about death?

Q: How do I talk to my kids about death? I mean how do I even talk to myself about death - especially in front of others? What if I hurt my children by talking about death? or curse them, or frighten them? A: We finally left the Humane Society with a god, I mean, doG. There have been so many empty handed visits in the last few months - since we got the land in White Salmon. We named her that evening: Luna Waapatui (first came Waapatui and then [...]


Rotten Egg Test

So, here we are on Easter morning . . . ... with our forty-one eggs, ready to make our Quiche and crepes. Problem is that because they were collecting over time in our girls secret spot, we have no idea how old they are and if any of them are rotten! We could blow each one (in preparation for dyeing and decorating for our symbolic fertility hunt) and use our sniffers.... perfectly fine. But then we thought, why don't we just ask Hettie?! Hettie, how can we know if these eggs [...]

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