Inner Peace and the Wisdom of the Pause :: what I learned from French parenting

This week has been a strange week. Mid week I had a sort of seizure of sadness that had such a tug I really couldn't resist it. You see, about two weeks ago I quit drinking caffeine. Caffeine and I have had a rocky relationship. It's clearly not good for me and I don't mean the kind of not-good where I know I shouldn't have it because of some research study or health guru's proclamation. No, it's the kind of thing where within hours of ingesting the stuff a slew [...]


10 Steps Towards Getting the Break You Need, Tired Mama, Without Relying on TV

Fall is coming, the season of dying leaves and of the ancestors. Everything is winding down and moving inward. As we shift into this contraction of the seasons, there is also a move inside. We start moving inside the classroom, inside the house, inside the body. It is a time of connection and community, but it is also a time of increasing solitude and cabin fever. It is the beginning of the hardest time of the year to resist media as a way of breaking the monotony and a good [...]


Imagination before Dilation…

How Cervical Dilation Checks Undermine the Imaginal Power of Birthing Women. Imagination is more important than knowledge.  – Albert Einstein I recently had an epiphany while explaining to a client why I don't do Cervical Exams, and why I don't teach women, or their husbands, to do them either. I started explaining the notion that cervical checks are an unnecessary intervention that don't actually give us any useful information about labor progress, and that when a woman asks to be checked I prefer to ask her to check in [...]


Natural Oxytocin, or 10 Kinds of LOVE for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

It is neither a lofty degree of intelligence, nor imagination, nor both together that go into the making of genius. Love, love, love. That is the soul of genius. ~ Mozart I recently wrote a post called Trust Love where I made a vow to never judge a woman’s birth, or tell her to Trust Birth, but rather to uncover and know the mysteries of love. It’s Valentine’s Day and I thought this might be a good time to check in with my heart and ask it, What do I [...]


Trust Love

I hear it all the time: Birth is Safe. Trust Birth. As a Birth Keeper, this slogan kept me from stepping out on my own. I thought I had to wait until I could guarantee safety in birth. As a mother, it stirred a sense of guilt. You see, when I went into labor something happened. It was unexpected and it was bigger than me. It was NOT safe. It came from outside, a flurry of energies in my sacred birth space. It came from within, something deep, something old [...]


Homemade Baby “Formula”

Just like you would feed yourself and your family foods that truly nourish and sustain them, so too you can feed you precious newborn, infant, or toddler hand crafted real food. If you want, or need, to supplement your breastmilk (a little or completely) this homemade baby formula is an excellent, well researched, and far superior alternative to commercial formula. Oh, and no, Sally Fallon and I are NOT against breast-feeding! We're against COMMERCIAL FORMULA feeding and mother guilt! All mothers can feed their babies well - even if it's [...]


How do I find the time?

How do I find the time to cook like an old-time mama? I mean, it takes weeks to ferment a crock of sauerkraut, and I have to get breakfast ready a whole frickin day in advance?! Are you kidding? How can any real live mama DOooo that? If I start I won't have time for anything else!!! I know, you've read a couple blogs, switched to raw milk, maybe even made something with organ meats (or not). You've read the introduction to Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions and even though it [...]


How do I talk to my children about death? part 2

There you are in the car . . . Grandma has passed away and you are on your way to her house to gather with family, wash her body, prepare her for vigil. Your 5 year old asks you: How did grandma die? You think back to last week's post. You have a few immediate thoughts: Ok, so I get it that its a good thing to be open with my children about death but what do I actually SAY? I mean, would I say uncle Bob was murdered or [...]


How do I talk to my children about death?

Q: How do I talk to my kids about death? I mean how do I even talk to myself about death - especially in front of others? What if I hurt my children by talking about death? or curse them, or frighten them? A: We finally left the Humane Society with a god, I mean, doG. There have been so many empty handed visits in the last few months - since we got the land in White Salmon. We named her that evening: Luna Waapatui (first came Waapatui and then [...]