Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I do Lazy-Lady Living at my own pace?

A. We have done our best to make this course accessible to as many people as possible. As a result the LLL course is 100% online so you can do it from anywhere. As soon as you enroll you will start your first exercise and start getting oriented to the course site including the private LLL Village Forum. You can continue at your own pace.

Homework & Reading assignments will be optional/at your own pace unless you upgrade to earning your Permaculture Design Certificate in which case it will be between 2-5 hours of additional work depending on your personal pace. Some people will do less and some more. Of course you will get the most out of the course is you do all assignments and we require you to do this before requesting a refund.

You will continue to have access to all the content after the course ends so you can go through it over and over again at your own pace.

Q. Is the permaculture design certificate included?

A. No it is not included, but you can add on that option for an additional fee of $400. We have done this in order to reduce the price for people who either don’t want/need the PDC credential, or who already have a PDC and don’t want to pay again for it, but are still interested in our unique course and focus on social permaculture.

Q. Can my family take the course together with one sign up fee?

A. With one paid tuition you get one account/enrollment. That means you can use it on one computer, have one membership to the Lazy-Lady Living Forum, and one line on Q&A calls. Our system will stop you if you try to login from more than one location. The course price is for a single enrollment, so no your husband/child/mother/friend cannot take the course with you for one enrollment fee.

Please respect our policy.

Q. How is the course content delivered?

A. All the content is delivered via video & a pdf workbook. The material is so comprehensive and dense that you will likely want to repeat it over and over again. The Lazy-Lady Village Forums and Facebook Group will continue and build as long as we keep running the course.

Also, you get indefinite access to the course site for as long as we run the program (including updates and upgrades) which we hope is for a long time…

Q. Can I have one-on-one time with you if I live in Portland, or am willing to come to Portland?

A. We have farm tours on Saturdays at 9am (and sometimes Saturday breakfast) but you need to RSVP or we may not be here! As you can imagine, we can’t promise extra one-on-one time unless you come for a Farm-Stay which you are welcome to do. Of course we will be available for general conversation, but we cannot offer focused instruction as we will have other guests and projects to attend to. At some point we may plan a live gathering so stay tuned.

Q. Will the course be worth my time and money if I am already a seasoned Farmer?

A. It depends on what you are looking for. Perhaps much of what we cover will be review for you. That said, I recently took a business course which was mostly review, but in the review I was able to fine tune my understanding and really consolidate my knowledge.

In fact, because I was already a seasoned business owner I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by soaking up so much new content, but centered, clear and seriously implementing the tools I was receiving while having the support of the instructors as well as the course community. I do not regret it even though I was way more experienced than most of the other students.

Our course will have tidbits in each module for more seasoned “farmers” as well. Small things that can make a big difference. One of our main interests is helping farmers find financial freedom so that part may be interesting to you as well as our many socio-cultural modules like home-funerals and living SLOW and in season.

Q: Hello! I just learned about your program through the WAPF. I already have a PDC. I also want to learn about biodynamic farming, so, as you can imagine, your program appeals to me. Could you tell me how much overlap there is in your program and the PDC and also how introductory is your information about Weston A. Price and nutrient density. I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty well versed in this area? Thank you for your time!

A: Our program does overlap quite a bit with the PDC but we focus a lot more on psycho-social issues that any other PDC I have heard of, so in a way it is an advanced course. We care a lot about building real community and the individual and collective healing necessary for that. Our course is deep and earthy. Others who already have a PDC have commented that they got a lot our of this dimension of our program. This is why we charge for the actual certficate separately, so that people who already have a PDC can join in without feeling like they are paying for the same stuff. We have had many people from the WAPF community (of which we are a part) take the course and love it. The actual WAPF material is philosophical rather than how-to so I don’t think that part will bore you too much (and it’s woven through and connected to the permaculture pieces).

The truth is, I have found many permaculture communities to be more vegetarian focused though that seems to me to be completely counter to the actual principles of permaculture. For many years I wondered why these 2 movements had not met and decided to do something about it – and created the course. I feel the 2 together really offer a solution to the world’s health and food crisis.

I have taken more than one PDC course and plan to take more (I am enrolled in one now) so learning from different teachers will always reveal more – the principles are so incredibly deep and beautiful.

You will also have lifetime access to the material and all future upgrades and evolutions which we xo regularly!

Q. Do I have to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer?

A. Yes you must use Firefox to view our website. Firefox is a free browser that you can download and use to navigate the internet. Different browsers see websites a little differently and Internet Explorer isn’t able to see ours properly. I think if you take the time to upgrade, you will be happy with it as many sites will be easier for you to view.